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Ramona T. Cormier
2010-2011 Thomas J. Clark
2010-2011 Class of 1971 Larry Wiget '71
Connie Reda Wiget '69 Sally J. Kilmer
2010-2011 Fred & Lynn
Jacobs Johnathan S. Bravard
2010-2011 Alex Wright
Class of 2006
Friend and Advocate The Hoyt Family
Roger, Anna,
Tim and Angela Windsor Advisory
Group, LLC In Honor Of
Sherrill L. Gray Robert & Patricia Maurer
2010-2011 Jacqui S. Nathan
2010-2011 Donald H. McQuarie
2010-2011 Amanda M. Monyak
For Women's Liberation
2007 Marilyn Perlmutter
2010-2011 Dave and Kay
Albrecht Larry Y. Chan
2010-2011 Mary A. Hulsebus
2010-2011 Leanna J. Shaberly Michelle Simmons & 
Dwight Albright
2010-2011 Morris Goldstein
Reader & Scholar Ellen U. Williams
2010-2011 Jennifer Honsberger
With Appreciation
University Libraries
Advocates Board Sue Stine Goodman 
2010-2011 The Popular Culture
Library Staff Janet Parks
2009-2010 Paul & Marty Stiffler
2010-2011 Patty And Julie
Falk Edward S. & Colleen A.
Warner Roger and Julie
Barnes To Honor
Janis Pallister &
Ramona Cormier Sharon A. Hanna
2009-2010 Virginia M.
Austin With Loving Pride To
Nelson Coronado
BGSU Graduate
May 2003 Stephen & Jeanne
Langendorfer D. Albright '98
M. Simmons '03 In Memory Of
Dorothy M. Wright Susan
Weiskittle Barrick
B.A., 1970 Randy Wheeler
2010-2011 David & Joyce Lacey
2009-2010 Marjorie J. Miller Sally J. Kilmer
2009-2010 Neal Carothers
2010-2011 Joseph Rainone
2010-2011 Fred & Martha Moon
2009-2010 Johnathan Iten &
Elizabeth McNellie
2010-2011 Delta Zeta
for a Lifetime
October 24, 2002 Stephen & Melinda Charter
2010-2011 Elmer & Alma Rich
Wade & Atha Dean In Memory Of
Mr. Leonard
Haricombe Ramona T. Cormier
2009-2010 In Loving Honor Of
Ned & Jo Baker
What Great Friends!
May 2003 In Loving Honor
Of Our Children:
Tricia Reiter & Paul Reiter Dick & Laurie
Newlove Nomathemba Chapman
Thandeka Chapman In Memoriam:
Clare Anderson Miller
Lyle P. Miller Dwight and Audrey
Burlingame and
Sharon Morgart In Honor Of
Robert (Bud)
Hurlstone Eloise E.
Clark Chris, Susan & Ben
Miko Steve Petryszyn
2010-2011 Bruce and Charlotte
Petryshak Keelin & Connor
McHugh In Support Of
Lorraine Haricombe
Chicago Marathon 2002 Michael, Susan,
Jason & Mitchell
Frost Gloria Gregor With Love & Gratitute To
Robert W. & Betty V.
(Doty) Sigler My Grandmas:
Gussie (Seaman) Doty
Emma (Buckmaster)
Sigler Lorrene Love
Ort Doobie Social Club
Est. 1968 BGSU
CRS/CHS Dr. Ronald M. Ruble
Assoc. Prof. Emeritus
of Humanities In Memory Of
Al Hofer University Libraries
2003 Family
Campaign For My Wife
Dianne Klein
Whose Love Of Books
Is Boundless Ogg Science
Library Staff
2002 In Honor Of
The Goldstein Family
Irv, Annette,
Susan, Judy Bill & Bonnie Schurk 
2010-2011 In Memory Of
Adolphine & Paul
Boettcher Paul Yon &
Ann Bowers Toledo Alumnae
Chapter of
Delta Zeta Sorority LLR Family
Campaign 2002 In Memory Of
Virginia K. Schurk
Wilbur L. Schurk In Memory Of
Mary Jane Yon
Miller In Memory Of
Jean B. Jerome In Memory Of
Ruth & Herbert
Farber Neil R. Zechman
2010-2011 Lois & William
Luoma Joy Putthoff
2010-2011 Matthew W.
Hungling Curriculum
Resource Center
2002 University Libraries
Family Campaign BGSU Libraries'
Fund Raising Committee
2002 Brian & Sara Bushong
2009-2010 Ruth & Wes
Hoffman Richard Archer
PTAC Jess Parmer
BGSU-PTAC Dale & Elizabeth Schnetzer
2010-2011 Prof. John G.
Merriam Gregory & Gaynelle 
2009-2010 BGSU Libraries
Paul S. Ritz
1974 Janet B. Parks
2010-2011 Richard & Gail
Hanson Honoring
Ralph Wolfe
Great Friend To All Rebecca C.
Ferguson In Loving Memory Of
Theodore and Patricia
Wegman Pat and Bob
Graham Anne & Robert Tracy
2010-2011 Harold and Retha
Carothers In Memory Of
Mary L. Koslovsky
1915-2004 Kenneth & Pamela Frisch
2010-2011 In Memory Of
Bud Staaf
(1932-2002) Susannah Cleveland
2010-2011 Gene & Judith Guerny
2010-2011 Eric N. Honneffer
2010-2011 Suzanne G. Hoffman
2010-2011 Joy & Dale
Potthoff Betty & Christopher Cullis
2010-2011 In Memory Of
Lori Ann
Willmarth-Dunn, Ph.D. With Love To
Jessica, Jenna, Cory,
Chelsea & Taylor Paul Cesarini and
Lisa McHugh
Cesarini Bob B. Meyers
2010-2011 Joe & Rhoda Boyer
2009-2010 Roger & Betty Jean 
2009-2010 Win & Marva Stone
Mark, Maya & Sania For Reuben, Adrian,
Jill, Frieda,
Gracia & Tate Eileen M. Bartolomucci
2009-2010 Charlie & Ani Chittle
2010-2011 In Honor of 
Dean Thomas C. Atwood Wesley & Ruth Hoffman
2009-2010 Michael Lohr
2010-2011 Christopher & Elizabeth
2009-2010 In Honor Of
Pat Browne's Service To
BGSU's Popular Press
8/1/75 - 8/31/02 Ray L. Meyers
2010-2011 Coleen K. Parmer 
2009-2010 Candess L. Hodges
2009-2010 In Memory Of
John Kinstle
Son of Tom & Eva Marcia, Bob, Elizabeth
& Maria Latta
We Love Books! In Memory of Ray Browne Heather & Robin Kretziner
2010-2011 Government Documents
and the
BGSU PTAC For Lorraine Haricombe
From Greg DeCrane
4/9/03 Zola R.
Buford The Stearns Family
Doug, Beverly,
And Chuck Gary & Ross Hess
2010-2011 Information Services
2002 Madhu & Kamala Rao
2010-201 To Honor
Sharon Morgart
From Linda Dobb,
Lorelei Small Rush and Johnnye
Sharon Morgart Beth A. Casey
2009-2010 Debbie & Mike Young
2010-2011 Neil R. Zechman
2009-2010 Michelle Simmons &
Dwight Albright
2009-2010 Gary & Debbie Hoffman
2010-2011 Sharon A. Hanna
2010-2011 William & Karen Herald
2010-2011 Dan & Linda Klein
2010-2011 Leonard & Magdalene

Haricombe Library Retirees

Nancy Steen
Sherrill Gray
Janet Hughes David D. Anderson ('51)
Patricia Anderson ('52) In Memory
Clarice and Eldon
Elder Julie and George

Class of 1986 Jonathan Iten & 
Elizabeth McNellie
2009-2010 Gifted By
Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Sebo In Honor of the BGSU Libraries Staff
Janet B. Parks Robert & Patricia Maurer
2009-2010 Eileen P. O'Neill 
and Karen Stoddard
2009-2010 Princeton Theological
Seminary Library David D. Anderson 
2009-2010 Jonathan D. Iten ('78)
Elizabeth A. McNellie In Memory of Sandra Kerbel Terry & Leigh Vogelsong
2010-2011 Get To Work!
Dave & Gaylene
Preston Jan, Mike,
Sarah & Ben
Wilcox Neal L. Carothers
2009-2010 Library Advocates Board