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Search by name "beginning with" the value that you type in. This search provides the fastest response, but is also the least flexible.
  • This search is most useful if you are certain of the exact surname of the individual.
  • Enter searches as: Surname, Given Middle.
  • Searches must be in the exact order as found in the database.
  • Spaces and commas are important, and must match exactly.
  • The search will retrieve records matching as much of the name as you type in:
    Johnson, R will retrieve Johnson, R. W. to Johnson, Ruth.
  • Searches are NOT case sensitive: "jones", "JONES", or "jOnEs" are all the same.
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Search Hints and Tips.   This search is slower than the other searches but is by far the most flexible. Use this search if you are not sure of the exact name or spelling.

Search tips:

  • You can enter multiple "name parts" in any order. "Smith J" or "John Smi" or "j smith mrs".
  • The search will retrieve records which match ALL of the terms you enter.
  • The search will match against parts of names as well as whole names:
    "smi" will retrieve "smith","hammersmith","smiley", etc.
  • Word order and punctuation are ignored. "john mrs smith" will retrieve "Hammersmith, Mrs. John", or "Smith, Edith (Mrs. John)"
  • Items matching surname, given name, middle name, maiden name, and spouse names and titles will be returned
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Browse By Date: Hints and tips.   When browsing by date, all obituaries printed on that date will be displayed.
  • Date format is important. All dates should be typed as: YYYY-MM-DD.
  • if a month or day has only a single digit, enter it with leading zeros:
    1982-01-05, NOT 1982-1-5.
  • Searches can be made on partial dates:
    198 will display all dates for the decade of the 1980's, one day at a time.
    1982 will display all dates for the year 1982.
    1982-02 will display only the obituaries for February of 1982.
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Browsing by newspaper will display all obituaries for the selected newspaper and the selected date.
  • Dates must be entered in the format "YYYY-MM-DD".
  • Partial dates can be entered:
    • YYYY-MM-D will allow browsing the selected range of days
    • YYYY-MM will allow browsing the selected year and month.
    • YYYY will allow browsing the selected year.
    • YYY will allow browsing the selected decade.
    • YY will allow browsing the selected century.
  • If no date is entered, all issues of the newspaper can be browsed.
  • If the date is not found, the first newspaper issue following the selected date will be displayed.
  • When browsing forward and the end of the range is reached, the display will cycle back to again show the first selected item.
  • When browsing backward, and the beginning of the range is reached, the last selected item will again be displayed.